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Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles | It’s a Pennywinks Passion

We want our puzzlers to get lost inside surreal, magic landscapes and to meet mythical, strange creatures. Fantasy art jigsaw puzzles are the puzzles we have always enjoyed the most and we believe the world deserves more and that each puzzle should come with its only little folktale to help the puzzler get lost in the fantasy worldscape.

What is a Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle?

A fantasy jigsaw puzzle is any jigsaw puzzle that uses fantasy artwork. Simples. However the definition of fantasy is very broad (one of the reasons we love it).

Fantasy is any fictional universe created by the human imagination and it has been a big part of human culture throughout the ages in the form of folklore and ancient myths. Think Greek Mythology stories containing strange creatures such as Medusa - a female with wings, snakes for hair and could turn anybody into stone by simply making eye contact. Perhaps the most famous fantasy creature from folklore is the fairy - a small, winged supernatural and magical creature with a human appearance.

I’m sure you’re familiar with these fantastical creatures already since fantasy is still a very big part of popular culture today with TV shows with fire breathing dragons like Game of Thrones and books with magical wizards such as Harry Potter.

Art has always been an integral part of the fantasy genre and the best way to appreciate any artwork (in our opinion) is to get intimately familiar with it piece by piece as a puzzle.

A fairy warrior
A unicorn

Why specialise in Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles?

The fantasy genre is limited only by the human imagination - specialising in fantasy artwork jisgaws means we can cover a wide variety of styles and imagery. Goblins, ghosts, monsters, vampires, unicorns, mermaids, gnomes, pixies, werewolves, zombies, magic crystals - the list is endless. There are so many sub-genres (e.g science fiction, gothic fiction, ghost stories, fairy tales, steampunk and so on) that there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy.

We want to create new fictional universes that the puzzler can explore as they solve the jigsaw. We want to create our own little folklores and creatures (such as The Pennywinks) that you can meet along the way as you piece together the puzzle.

We’ve been inspired and influenced by a lot of the fantasy art present in modern day pop culture. Being brought up on a healthy diet of Roald Dahl’s fantastical tales and epic 80’s movies like Labyrinth, fantasy has always been an important part of our lives. You can probably see the influence of these, alongside many others in the themes and words that we create.

What Fantasy Puzzles do you have?

We have Fantasy jigsaw puzzles 1000 pieces as we believe 1000 pieces is the perfect number for puzzling. We have recently released our first witches jigsaw puzzle which is set in the land of Witchesdom and is full of witchcraft, goblins and other strange creatures. We have created 3 other very different worldscapes which have yet to be announced (follow us on the socials or join the mailing list to find out what they are as soon as we make it public).

Do you have Fantasy jigsaw puzzles for adults and children?

Our puzzles are designed to be fun to solve and can be enjoyed by new puzzlers and experienced puzzlers alike. The fantasy artwork can be appreciated by anyone. Younger children with experience of puzzling 1000 piece puzzles would have no problem but puzzling along as a family would be even better.

A fantasy landscape in an ice world

We hope we have managed to persuade you that fantasy artwork and jigsaw puzzles are a match made in heaven. From powerful Centaurs to wise old wizards there’s beautiful and curious imagery that can be made for any puzzler to love.