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Everything you need to know about Pennywinks

Pennywinks are passionate about creating peculiar and magical fictional universes for the intrigued puzzler to explore in our fantasy jigsaw puzzles , specialising in 1000 piece puzzles .

  • We love jigsaw puzzles at Pennywinks
    We love puzzles

    We're a jigsaw company who are big lovers of puzzles and have been for years. Our motivation for creating Pennywinks was to give customers what we believe to be the best puzzle experience based on all our years of puzzling.

  • we use unique artwork on our puzzles
    Pennywinks has unique puzzles

    We work with artists from across the world to produce unique artwork that is specifically design with jigsaw puzzles in mind which you can’t find anywhere else. Each image is designed to be full of detail so the puzzler can be immersed in each section, piece by piece. The images are designed to be atmospheric, quirky, fun and bring a nice cosy sensation.

  • customer experience is important to us
    We want our customers to have the perfect puzzle experience

    We care deeply about the full end to end puzzle experience our customers have when solving a Pennywinks jigsaw. We carry out extensive research and testing to ensure the artwork will be satisfying to piece together using high quality cardboard, going through multiple rounds of testing and tweaks.

  • high quality puzzles
    Premium Quality

    We only work with manufacturers that use high quality materials and cutting tools. The artwork is printed on high quality paper to really make the image come to life. It's then attached to durable cardboard to make each piece a satisfying interlock.

  • puzzles are good for your brain
    We believe in the benefits of jigsaw puzzles

    In this chaotic digital age we really believe in the restorative and de-stressing benefits of escaping into a good jigsaw puzzle can bring, forcing us to be present in the moment whether alone or with loved ones. Thanks for choosing Pennywinks and happy puzzling!