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Who is 'The Pennywinks'?

The pennywinks. A mischievous multiverse explorer whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Little is known about this nosey little creature. Recognizable only by his infamous portal-opening purple hat. He is to be found anywhere and everywhere, travelling worlds and universes beyond the realm of this reality.

Picture of the mysterious creature known as 'The Pennywinks'

If you look closely enough you should be able to find him somewhere in every puzzle.

The Pennywinks in the Witches Lair Jigsaw puzzle

Every one of our jigsaw puzzles is set in a weird, colourful and fascinating fantasy world. Full of interesting objects and characters. Each puzzle tells a different story but all of them involve The Pennywinks. It is The Pennywinks who takes us with him on his epic journeys across the multiverse. How is this possible? Well the exact mechanics are only known to The Pennywinks himself; the special abilities are part of his heritage and The Pennywinks keeps these secrets close to his chest. He is the sole surviving member of an ancient species of portal travellers.

How does The Pennywinks travel to different realms?

Whenever he is feeling bored or is tired of exploring a realm that he currently resides in, he will start to crave a new thrill and look for an unfamiliar place to visit. He does this by first opening his miraculous map. This supernatural scroll contains the exact location and details of every place that has ever existed - past or present - within every universe that has ever existed or is currently existing alongside ours right now. All The Pennywinks has to do is browse through the infinite list of dimensions by flicking his blue-fury finger (much like you would do on your phone) until he finds a place that piques his interest. Then The Pennywinks takes off his purple hat, does whatever it is he does and opens a portal to his realm of choice. Then all that's left to do his jump through. Pretty neat eh? Just imagine the possibilities, where would you go? Visit the dinosaurs or our AI overlords in the future? Better still choose a completely different universe all together.