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Enter the enchanting world of a Pennywinks puzzle.

Front box of The Witches Lair

For Jigsaw Puzzlers who need imaginative puzzle artwork that is entertaining to solve. Pennywinks are dedicated to providing puzzles that tell delightful stories, built from the highest quality materials available. Pennywinks puzzles captivate every piece. Perfect for adults, families and teenagers alike.

Premium high quality Jigsaw puzzles

You will find the puzzle a joy to hold and solve due to its exceptional stand out quality. Each Pennywinks jigsaw puzzle is:

  • The Pennywinks hat icon Made from the industries highest standard cardboard (known as blueboard) and matt linen paper.
  • The Pennywinks hat icon You'll love the feel of our puzzle pieces that are nearly 2mm thick (thicker than some of the leading brands).
  • The Pennywinks hat icon You'll be surprised at the amount of detail you can see in each puzzle piece. The pieces are are larger than average, capturing all the details of our fantsay artwork.
Experience the quality
High quality jigsaw puzzle pieces from Pennywinks

Hand drawn artwork specifically for puzzles

Our artwork is tailor made for puzzles, cramming in lots of detail to ensure a fun experience when putting the jigsaw together. Each puzzle artwork is digitally hand drawn by our artists which adds a warm, soulful character to the puzzle. Each artwork is specifically designed for the purpose of a jigsaw puzzling.

Vivid puzzles pieces

The vivid details are a joy to behold. Every piece comes to life with our prime, anti glare matt finish. Allowing the puzzler to appreciate every detail of the artwork.

behold the exquisite artwork
Demonstrating the progress and process of creating one of our puzzle artworks digitally

Each Pennywinks jigsaw puzzle tells a different story

Each puzzle tells a story with our company mascot "The Pennywinks" at centre stage. Each jigsaw is set inside a different fantasy word full of interesting places, characters and people.

We have our witches jigsaw puzzle set in Witchesdom, home of witchcraft. Comming soon are tales of mad professors creating monsters, ghosts roaming the netherworld and lots more

A Pennywinks puzzle is more than just a puzzle, get absorbed in another world!

Who is The Pennywinks?
Every Pennywinks jigsaw puzzle has a story with Pennywinks being the protagonist

Pennywinks puzzling manifesto

We’re passionate about creating puzzles that are interesting, unique and satisfying to complete. Premium puzzles that tell stories inside fantasy worlds is what Pennywinks is all about. Oh and if you're wondering about the name, learn how we created our jigsaw puzzle brand name here.

It's important to us that our customers have the perfect puzzle experience, from first opening the box to placing the final 1000th piece. To ensure this happens we make custom artwork and our puzzles are built from high quality materials with a crisp, clean cut which gives a satisfying feeling when clicking the pieces together.

We believe that puzzles can and should be enjoyed by all ages. In this fast paced, context switching, digital age where we’re constantly glued to our screens. The traditional, humble puzzle has more to offer than it ever has before.

About Pennywinks company
Heart made from jigsaw puzzle pieces to show how much Pennywinks loves puzzles
"Our brains are built to benefit from play no matter what our age".

Theresa A. Kestly, Contemporary American Psychologist
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Why choose a Pennywinks puzzle?

trophy depicting high quality puzzle
High quality

Our jigsaw puzzles are made from durable, thick cardboard and finished with beautiful mattt paper.

a paint brush and paint representing the unique artwork we create for our jigsaws
Unique artwork

Tailor made artwork for the best possible puzzle experience .

a couple of jigsaw pieces
1000 pieces

We believe this is the goldilocks of piece numbers, challenging whilst still being fun.

Good for your health

Immersing yourself in one of our jigsaws puzzles is a relaxing way to problem solve. Escaping into the illusive flow state can bring a sense of mindfulness which has physiologically as well as psychological benefits such as reducing stress, blood pressure and anxiety. Not to mention the good old fashioned fun factor.

Make puzzle time, social time. Sure jigsaws are fun to solve on your own but why not work together with your partner, family or friends. Genuine good conversation can blossom whilst focusing on the one common goal of completing the puzzle.

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